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GTDC - Energy

Our commitment to our clients doesn’t stop with transferring the knowledge and the technology for them to manufacture green technology. We further assist them in the development of market strategy on the supply side. A case in point would be a manufacturing plant set in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The plant manufactures scalable solar generators called SolarGens. These highly efficient, cost effective solar generators are designed to fit the African and Middle Eastern climate. They save money for households and small businesses in our client countries as power interruptions and outages are common occurences as electricity suppliers are coping with the high energy demand that entails the economic expansion and population growth by replacing diesel generators. They are also clean, environmentally sustainable alternatives for off-grid rural electrification, rural health centers, schools, natural resource explorers, and NGOs who work in rural areas without electricity.

SolarGens made in Ethiopia lower the cost of manufacturing and shipping them to our client countries. If you are interested in being a distributor or would like to order units, please contact us. We can also help you become a green technology products manufacturing hub in your region. Contact us for more information.

Our clients benefit from manufacturing green technology products locally in many ways. Some of these benefits are:

  • Environmental friendly products
  • Job creation and local talent cultivation in manufacturing and related services
  • Manufacturing highly technologically advanced products that compete globally
  • Competitive advantage with relatively cheaper workforce
  • Support of their domestic green strategy
  • Reduced foreign currency demand through import substitution
  • Exporting opportunity
  • Proximity to potential customers in the region that reduces shipping costs, and lead times
  • Input for potential customers’ large-scale projects in the region

We work with our clients to make sure the most suitable technology is transferred and human capital is developed to compete effectively globally. Learn more


We help governments and businesses in our client countries effectively harness their massive renewable energy potential to unlock huge economies of scale and offer substantial benefits for equitable development, local value creation, energy security, and environmental sustainability.

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